Brian Holsten

Brian grew up in a Ford family and naturally took to the blue oval. Since 1985, he has been employed as a Ford service technician.

“My field is mostly driveability but my love is high performance. There is nothing like the satisfaction of improving the performance of a vehicle and doing it to look like (and perform better than) a factory option. It started with one car then grew into a large operation after the word got out in the local high performance Ford community. A coworker and I were the only ones doing it, at least on a dealership level, in the area. I’m only now finding out we were lucky to have a somewhat supportive employer.”

Brian is an active competitor in SCCA Time Trials competition. Brian drove the Brad’s Custom Auto 1996 Mystic Cobra to two SCCA Regional Championships.

Northwest Region Sports Car Club of America 2006 Time Trials SPO Champion
Northwest Region Sports Car Club of America 2007 Time Trials TT1 Champion

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