Street/Sport AGS 4.0 GT-4 Suspension for 2005-2009 Mustangs

The Ultimate Street Weapon, that's right at home on the track!   This is it, Kenny's favorite suspension for the new Mustangs, exactly what he uses on his awesome GT-4 Super Street and Track cars.  A complete engineered suspension solution for maximum grip, traction and braking - engineered, designed and track tested by Kenny so all you have to do is bolt it on and go, I mean really GO!. Kenny's Street/Sport GT-4 suspension is brimming with driver confidence loaded with potential and packed with unbelievable performance.  This is the suspension Pete Epple of Muscle Mustangs dubbed - the most amazing he had ever driven.  Not only track capable - Track Dominant! Here's What You Get: Chassis
  • 2-point strut tower brace (does not fit all SC engines)
  • Lower chassis load brace
  • Jacking Rails
  • Matrix Brace
  • "Super Grip" tubular front lower control arm module
  • Street/Sport adjustable rear lower control arms
  • U-Link adjustable upper control arm revised geometry module
  • Rear Traction Kit Traction Brackets
  • Rear Roll Center Correction Kit (Includes Double adjustable Panhard Bar)
  • HD Front Sway Bar
  • KB AGS 4.0 tubular K-member
  • Camber Adjustment Bolts
KB-28680 fits 2005-2009 Mustang

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offshore corporation said:

October 22, 2012 at 12:17 pm

The first new Kenny Brown Mustang prototype to break cover is "Mango Tango", an awesome 550hp 4.6L 3V mango orange convertible. Mango Tango introduces Kenny’s new 4.6L BiTurbo package boosting the V-8’s power a whopping 90% and our latest Gen-IV Best in Class AGS 4.0 (Advanced Geometry Suspension system), a complete performance suspension solution for 2001-2012 Mustangs. Kenny’s new 2012 GT-4T conversion package is available for all 2005-2012 Mustang GT’s. The GT-4T conversion features Kenny’s BiTurbo system and his critically acclaimed GT-4/AGS 4.0 suspension system for supreme power and grip. Add to that a host of additional upgrades and components consistent with the style of Kenny Brown that has made his Mustangs "Best in Class" for the past 25 years. A full range of Kenny Brown Mustangs will be available for 2012 ranging from fun and spirited Sport Touring Mustangs, all the way up to the incredible 650 hp Coyote 5.0 Biturbo GT-4T and full race GT-4R.

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