Lenny Baker

Lenny started working on cars and engines with his dad way back in the sixties. He bought his first car in 1970: a 1963 corvair, and after 300,000 miles had to bury it. While driving the corvair he purchased his second car: a 1967 Firebird ("Wish I still had that one!!"). He went on to Bellevue Community College to graduate with an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering Technology. He just couldn't keep his mind off cars and increasing their power and handling and wound up working at numerous auto shops and at a few dealerships for 37 years. "Then Brad called and here I am." Lenny BakerHe has been a volunteer Patrol and Rescue person for the local Rescue team for the limited and unlimited hydroplane and flatbottom races since 1982. He purchased his race boat in 1993 and had it race ready for the 1995 race season. He has won many races, was the Summer Nationals Champion in the Pro Stock class in 2001 and of recent 1st in local American Power Boat Association (APBA) Region 10 for the last two years. In 2007 he was 3rd in the Nation and 2008 was 2nd in the Nation in the Super Stock class. Lenny hopes to pursue the coveted #1 position so his boat can wear the US1 numbers. "So a bit more horsepower and better handling just may be the ticket." Horsepower and handling can affect a boat just as it can a car and that's what Brad's Custom Auto is famous for. Now Lenny gets to build engines to improve horsepower and modify suspensions and brakes to handle the new power for the strip or the track!!
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