GT4 “Super-Grip” Front Lower Control Arm Module for Mustang and Shelby GT500

NOT Just a Lower Control Arm - A Super-Grip Control Arm Module! Kenny has engineered his renowned AGS 4.0 (Advanced Geometry Suspension) front suspension geometry into a single module – No K-member required
  • The strongest front lower control arm for 2005-2012 Mustangs and GT500’s available
  • 3-D CAD designed with FEA analysis
  • Street friendly and track proven
  • Incredible braking and turn-in performance - a huge boost in driver confidence
  • Kenny’s exclusive AGS 4.0 Geometry raises front Roll Center and improves Roll
  • Center Migration, Caster, Camber Gain and Anti-Dive – all in one complete, easy-to-install package
  • Critical part of Kenny Brown’s awesome GT-4 Suspension System
  • Performance or track springs required
The Kenny Brown GT4 "Super Grip" Front Lower Control Arm Module completely transforms the handling and driving dynamics of your S197 Mustang or Shelby GT500. Kenny Brown has engineered in all of his superb AGS geometry into the Control Arm Module so there is no need to add a K-member (except for weight reduction). A critical element in Kenny's GT-4 AGS 4.0 Front Suspension System, the computer designed and race proven "Super Grip" Front Lower Control Arms give you race-inspired precision and performance in an easy-to-install, street friendly package. KB-49721 Fits 2005 -2009 Mustang and GT500. Patent Pending KB-49731 Fits 2010-2012 Mustang and GT500 (uses larger ball joint). Patent Pending


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