Ford Racing M-9731-T01 – Ford Racing Speedometer Recalibration Devices

Changing tire sizes or gear ratios in a computer-controlled vehicle can send bad data to your ABS, engine control module, and other computer-controlled functions. These speedometer recalibration devices from Ford Racing correct speedometer, odometer, ABS, cruise control systems, and other calibration errors related to any changes in axle ratio or tire size.
Fits 2001-04 Mustang automatic or manual transmission

Mustang Side Rocker Splitter Kit (2010-11)

One of the most recognized features of the 2010 Mustang is the intricate styling. The new model Mustang displays an attention to detail that many production cars have yet to master. Compliment your Mustang’s brilliant design with the Side Rocker Splitter Kit. This product does an excellent job of spicing up your vehicle’s factory side rockers to better represent the rest of the body. Not only does this component provide greater detail up close, but the Mustang is also given a more powerful stance that can easily be seen by any distant onlooker. – Simply attaches to the bottom of your side rockers in minutes – Kit includes both left and right side splitters – Manufactured with high-strength TPO (thermal plastic olefin) – Shaped with high-pressure injection molding, the same process in use by OEMs. – Comes unpainted with grained texture.

Mustang Deck Lid Trim Panel (2010-11)

The Mustang Deck Lid Trim Panel is a simple and quick modification that makes a big difference. The rectangular space between the taillights of the ’10-’11 models lies indented just about an inch. This trim panel fills that gap completely so the deck lid and taillights all work together nicely for a much cleaner look. Regardless of your Mustang’s color, the addition of the Deck Lid Trim Panel is sure to get your vehicle much more attention.

– Classic Design Concepts ALL NEW Decklid Trim Panel is designed and engineered to the same OE quality standards as is predecessor.

– Made of OE Quality Grained RIM Material and fastened with 3M acrylic bonding tape.

– Clean, classic and easy to install, you’ll find this Decklid Trim Panel among the most cost effective and impressive modifications you’ll ever make!

– Trim Panels are painted in textured black