Brad Seibold

Brad Seibold started Brad's Custom Auto in 1989. Before opening his own business, he accumulated over 9 years experience in the auto repair industry. Since opening his shop, he has gained a reputation for the finest quality modification work in the Puget Sound area. Reports of his shop's work can be found - among other places - in 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Mustang Monthly, Mustang Enthusiast & Mustang Milestones. Aside from working at his shop, Brad likes to do some racing as well as restoring vintage cars and motorcycles.
    Among the vehicles he owns are:
  • 1967 Fairlane GTA 390 ci
  • 1969 Falcon
  • 1990 F-250
  • 1986 Saleen replica
  • 1996 Cobra (purchased from John Karwoski, and is featured on the July 2003 cover of 5.0 Mustangs And Super Fords)
  • 7 Maico motocrossers 1968 to 1978, 250cc to 450cc and a 1984 Honda XR 500

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