Brake Upgrades

Baer Complete Systems | Pro-PLUS

Baer introduces the ALL NEW Pro Plus brake systems featuring our brand new 6P, 6 piston calipers and 13” or 14” slotted, drilled and zinc washed, 2 piece rotors. Attractive styling at an affordable price, Baer’s new Pro Plus front and rear brake systems are sure to please the most demanding owners and impress the most critical on-lookers!

Stop your vehicle more quickly and safely.

These Baer Brakes Baer Claw Pro-Plus disc brake kits are built to please the most demanding users. They include Baer 6P compact 6-piston calipers machined from 2618 forgings, resulting in the stiffest possible design, even at extreme operating temperatures. They use radial mounting configurations to disperse loads evenly and internal fluid transfer tube passages for an ultra-clean look.