Aaron Ramm

Aaron Ramm was born with cars on his brain. When he was 2, he would point out cars and loved to announce “flat tire” to his dad whenever he spotted one. At 4, he would point out every FORD he saw in case his dad didn’t notice. Fast forward to the age of 15, he walked 2 miles from home every day to work in a full service Texaco station. “The service station owner was washing some graffiti of a customer’s van. I aproached him for a job and he looked at me like I was crazy. I told him I would clean bathrooms, sweep, mop, dump trash, whatever I could do as long as I would be allowed to look over the mechanic’s shoulders and ask them what they were doing”. From that point on, every job has been in the automotive field. “My passion is anything I can do to make a car go faster, handle better, and look better. I am a “car guy” and have appreciation for all makes and models, although Mustangs give me the best bang for the buck with my current car budget”.

Aaron enjoys daily driving his ’94 Mustang GT as well as attending road course track days, going to the drag strip, and autocross events.

“When Brad’s contacted me and asked if I’d ever thought about working there (@ Brad’s Custom Auto), I was shocked! I have known Brad for over ten years, puchased parts from Brad’s and never thought about asking for a job. Brad’s hardcore requirement for the highest levels of crafstmanship and attention to detail match my style perfectly. This is where I belong!”

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