Want to repower your pony?  The Ford Racing Z363 shortblock lets you build it your way by adding your choice of heads, cam, intake and oil pan.  It's the perfect foundation to build a powerful 8.2" deck engine for your vintage muscle car, street rod, Fox Body or Late Model Mustang.  This is the same shortblock used in the 500 HP Z363 crate engine.    By taking the bore out to 4.125-inch, the displacement of the popular 347 stroker has been increased to 363 cubic inches. Nothing but the best parts are used inside including: forged crankshaft, forged I-beam connecting rods with floating piston pins and the BOSS 302 block. The Z363 shortblock fits many of the vehicles originally built with a 289 or 302 8.2-inch deck height block. Engine type:  302 based small block ford Displacement (cu in):  363 Bore x stroke (in):  4.125" bore x 3.400" stroke Block: BOSS 4-bolt Main Block 302  M-6010-BOSS302 - 8.2-inch deck height . .010" below piston to deck height (nominal) Crankshaft: SCAT Forged Steel: 3.400" stroke Connecting rods:  SCAT forged steel I-beam connecting rods Pistons:  Mahle forged aluminum pistons, with reliefs for Z304D, Z304P, N351, GT-40 and other inline valve Windsor cylinder heads.  6 cc valve pockets. Hydraulic roller camshaft compatible Balanced: Internal Recommended cylinder head fasteners M-6065-BOSS head bolts, M-6014-BOSS studs, or M-6014-Z304 studs, depending on application Designed for M-6049-X306//X307/C3/D3/Z304DA cylinder heads, Not designed for production 302/351W or M-6049-Y302/Y303/X302/X303/X304/X305 cylinder heads Assembled and ready for your heads, cam and timing chain set Requires head gaskets M-6051-R351 Built with all new parts $4495.99


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